Key Staff:
Stuart Brown
Ben de Guzman
Daman Arthur
Matthew Stouppos
Steven Genoff

Many a millionaire has amassed their fortune with clever and successful property investments. At Bartons, we are committed to assisting you in utilising this highly effective wealth creation strategy, and we will work closely with you throughout the whole process to ensure you make the best possible decisions that match your long-term goals.

If you are thinking about investing in property, advice from a financial planner at the beginning of this process is crucial. We take you through a rigorous process to ensure that investing in property is the right strategy for you.

Step 1: Understand the Big Picture

We are big-picture oriented at Bartons. This means that before you make any investment decisions, we consult with you to determine three key things:

  • Where you are now
  • Where you want to be
  • How to get there

Once we know this, we work with you to determine whether investing in property is right for you.

Step 2: Planning & Modelling

At Bartons we make sure that you are well-informed going into an investment property purchase. We cover all aspects of cash flow, gearing, property expenses and ownership in our planning process.

Step 3: Property Finance

At Bartons we structure a mortgage solution to suit your long-term needs, and organise loan pre-approval at a competitive rate from one of our panel of over 30 lenders.

Step 4: Property Selection

With our access to the latest property market data, we make sure you get:

  • Advice on the best properties, backed up by evidence
  • A property that is going to work hard to help you achieve your financial goals

With the research in hand, we help you to make an informed decision on the right property for you.

Step 5: Property Purchase

There is a crucial checklist surrounding property purchase, from building inspection to strata reports, land surveyors and more.

Our Advisors can give you access to the professionals you need in order to efficiently carry out the due diligence required to purchase an investment property, and have a conveyancer at hand should one be required, so that the purchase can take place with the minimum effort by you.

Step 6: Ongoing Management

We conduct an annual review of your property portfolio to make sure that your investments are working hard for you. Contact with property managers is included to make sure that the investment generating the highest income possible, and is well-maintained and improved in order to add value to your investment.

As part of our ongoing management of your property, Bartons can take care of the tax and accounting to ensure that you optimise tax benefits from your investment strategy.