Medical Practitioners

We service specialists in both public and private practice, as well as GP’s in rural and regional, city and corporate practice.  Our expert approach includes assigning senior service team, which will work with you to ensure accurate and integrated financial services are delivered.  This specialised team will be comprised of a director from our account and financial planning divisions, as well as qualified senior advisors to each.  This ensures that you are getting consistent, professional work from a team who is actively working to develop a strong symbiotic relationship with you, and to offer you the finest financial services on offer.

We offer a range of services for medical practitioners including:

  • Practice services
  • Personal services
  • Expatriate and overseas-trained medical practitioners services

Practice Services

Whether you are a small private practice, or a larger clinic, to solo or salary-paid doctors, the team at Bartons can help you in a number of ways.

These include:

  • Practice structuring , including the set-up of ownership, shareholder agreements, contractual advice, admission and retirement of participants
  • Service Trusts
  • Tax effective practice financing
  • Medical book keeping
  • Medical remuneration
  • Financial reporting models and templates
  • Medical corporatisation
  • Practice sales, acquisitions and mergers
  • Flexible practice real estate ownership structures
  • Taxation and financial reporting services
  • Practice management mentoring and assistance
  • Valuation services

Personal Services

For a profession that is all about caring for others, it is often the case that medical practitioners neglect themselves, and their own financial security, management and structures.  We can review you current circumstances and offer many services and advise to optimise your personal financial position.

Ares in which can assist you include:

  •  Ownership and financing of practice, investment and personal assets, particularly the family home
  • In conjunction with preferred specialist lawyers, we can assist with your estate planning, including asset protection, wills and testamentary trusts
  • Risk management advice to ensure family priorities are not compromised in the event of incapacity of the breadwinner(s).  These include debt management, education and lifestyle funding, practice continuity, intergenerational and wealth transfer
  • Taxation structures and optimisation
  • Salary packaging for public and private sector salaried medical officers
  • Specialist financing
  • Superannuation and retirement planning
  • Investment advice
  • Dual professional couple client issues
  • Divorce, separation, child maintenance funding and negotiations

Expatriate and Overseas-Trained Medical Practitioners

Whether inbound or outbound from Australia, medical practitioners have a number of complex professional, personal and cultural issues to manage as a result of their relocation.

They say prevention is the best form of medicine, so in order to avoid problems at a later date, Bartons’ specialised services ensure that your affairs and complicated financial obligations are in order from the outset.  We offer reliable, up-to-date and expert advice in a timely manner, which we understand is a particular concern for busy travelling practitioners.

Our Medical Services Team is:

Chris Waples, Adam McCann, Steven Genoff and Matthew Stouppos


As the South Australian network member of the national medical specialist accounting and planning group Bongiorno National Network, Bartons is delighted to provide a series of audio files of interest to our health practitioner client base. These presentations, to which we contribute from time to time, include a broad range of commercial and financial topics of interest to busy practitioners. We commend them to you.

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