Financial Planning

Key Staff:
Adam McCann
Stuart Brown
Daman Arthur
Steven Genoff

We use a multi-dimensional approach to financial planning, in which our advisers work with you and each other to formulate a long-term wealth creation strategy in the areas of: Income, Investment, Debt, Risk, Retirement and Estate Planning, also known as Making It, Growing It, Leveraging It, Protecting It, Enjoying It and Disposing It.

Led by Stuart Brown, our financial planning team knows that clients want a relationship with someone who they can trust, who understands their situation and who will help steer them through the minefield of information so they can get on with what they want to do with their lives. They want more than just investment advice. While investment advice is important, it is a means to an end, not the end itself.

We will work with you to provide the peace of mind you are looking for, that you have made the best decisions possible to ensure that you achieve your long-term goals.

“Stuart’s recommendations and advice in the management of our superannuation investments have been, and are, excellent.  Thanks to him growth of the fund has exceeded our expectations.  Stuart has ensured that we have a secure financial future.  He has taken as much time to explain procedures and results, or to listen to our suggestions, as we have required. He has always dealt with our questions and concerns in a very friendly and helpful manner.  We are privileged to have Stuart as our financial adviser.

We have also received top service and support from the accounting staff at Bartons.  The advice they have given us on taxation, company and accounting matters has been of great benefit.”

Dianne and Lofty Glatz, Port Elliott, SA