Estate Planning & Administration

Key Staff:
Adam McCann
Chris Waples
Leanne Carnegie-Smith
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Through experience over decades, Bartons knows that one of the most important things we can do for our clients is to ensure you have your financial affairs in order at all times, so that in the event of their death or incapacity there is a seamless, well understood process triggered.

Estate Planning

Estate Planning is the process of ensuring all of your assets are identified, crystallised and distributed to the right people, at the right time, and in the most efficient manner.

Typically this process involves your accountant, financial planner and lawyer. These professionals work together to ensure a structured, legally binding plan is developed to deal with all assets and liabilities, and that legal structures, such as trusts, companies and superannuation funds are dealt with in a coherent and tax effective fashion.

For many of our clients, we have acted as accountants and financial advisers over a long period of time, and as such are uniquely placed to lead the Estate Planning process, not in a purely legalistic way, but in a commercial appropriate manner that suits your personal and business objectives in the event of your demise.

Estate Planning should be reviewed on a regular basis during our lives, to reflect changed circumstances, whether they be family, financial or business related.

Estate Administration

Estate administration is the process of distributing the assets of an estate in accordance with the Estate Plan and testamentary wishes of the deceased. Legally, this is the responsibility of the Executors of the estate.

Often the Executors are family members simply because of their relationship. However, frequently untrained relatives find this an onerous role on top of the loss of a loved one, and will seek to retain a skilled firm such as Bartons to assist them in properly discharging their responsibilities.

Alternatively, we are increasingly asked by our clients whether we are prepared to be named as Executors for our clients’ estates. In most cases we are very happy, and honored, to consent to such a trustworthy role.

In either capacity, our long relationship with the family and role as trusted advisers does position us as the logical, knowledgeable and appropriately independent party to assist in the process of winding up your estate.

There are a number of Corporate Executor and Estate Administration Companies, as well as the Public Trustee, offering similar services. However, many of these base their charges on a percentage of the value of the estate, rather than the amount of work involved. Frequently this can be a substantial sum. This contrasts with our usual time based charges, which we know in many cases to be significantly less than that charged by the financial institutions. We’re also efficient, and believe our estate administration turnaround times to be well ahead of industry averages, a very important issue for the beneficiaries!

Why not discuss with us what level of involvement we can play in the administration of your estate?