Integrated Advice

Bartons is an integrated chartered accountancy and wealth advisory firm, which we believe offers great benefits to our clients. More than ever, tax and business considerations are paramount in considering the right investment, retirement income, risk management and estate planning strategies.

Bartons provides clients with seamless, comprehensive financial strategies that only come about by having your dedicated accountant and financial adviser working together as a team on your affairs.

Our aim is to empower you by providing:


    • Advice that will help you make informed decisions
    • Education about what is available to you
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  • Empowerment to manage your finances both now and into the future


  • Being in command of your decisions and finances
  • Order to what you see as a daunting task


  • Understanding what you can do with your money
  • Knowing if your adviser can help you with your investment needs
  • What alternatives and opportunities there are


  • Awareness of what you can invest in and where the future will take you
  • Answers to most of your questions


  • Through assistance from professionals who know best
  • Support in making difficult and stressful decisions
  • From worry so that you can get on with life


  • About your starting point and financial objectives
  • Understanding about what you can do and what your finances can do for you