Becoming a Client

The first meeting

Our first meeting with you will be an opportunity for you to discuss your financial needs and how we can assist you with these. This no-obligation meeting is at no cost to you.

To arrange a meeting, please call 08 8294 4744 or email

The next steps

Following our initial meeting, where we will gain an understanding of your goals and aspirations, we will provide you with a fee quote and proposal for working together.

Engaging with Bartons

Having chosen to proceed with the services provided by Bartons, we will send you a ‘letter of engagement’ as part of our code of conduct. This outlines in detail the work we will undertake on your behalf and the fees to be charged.

Who will be looking after me?

As we provide a fully integrated service, you will always have a team of people working on your behalf. Your team will depend on the services you require, and will always be headed up by one or more of our Directors. If you need to come in for anything, you can see your various advisors in the one meeting, to save you time.

What if I have an accountant/ financial advisor already?

In the same way that every client is unique, so too is every service provider. You may feel that you have outgrown your current accountant or financial advisor, or that you are seeking a holistic approach to your financial affairs. If you are seeking more from your relationship with your financial advisors and accountants, then the switch to Bartons is right for you.

We appreciate that the decision to change financial service providers is not an easy one, so we take time to get to know you and your situation, in order to make the move smooth for you.

Part of the process involves us writing to your current accountant or advisor, and asking them to provide information to ensure that the transition across to Bartons is seamless and easy for you.

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