Funds Raised


CURRENT:         $75,000

TARGET:            $50,000



Bartons to Bay for CCA

Thank you for your support and commitment to the Bartons to Bay for CCA 2015 Community Campaign.

We are delighted that the campaign exceeded expectations. As a result of your generosity and involvement Childhood Cancer Association can now appoint a much needed extra counsellor to help families in need of support. Sadly the demand for services from CCA is increasing and we as a collective group can take great pride and satisfaction in knowing that our campaign is going to contribute to helping the CCA provide ongoing and practical support for children living with cancer, and their families.

Our 2015 campaign was a success because of you and your efforts are very much appreciated!  Thankyou!

To find out more about the Childhood Cancer Association and how they support children and families living with cancer, visit their website